Groups & Meetups

  • IxDA Singapore
    IxDA Singapore

    The IxDa Singapore group aims to support interaction design professionals or anyone in the relevant field to find opportunities, network …

  • Dribbble Meetup Singapore
    Singapore Dribbble Community

    Let’s all gather to talk shop about design. Come to meet other like-minded designers to connect, share their work and enjoy some great company for the night. In other words, great excuse to get some FREE PIZZA AND BEER!

  • Learn Startup Singapore
    Singapore Lean Startup Circle

    The Singapore Lean Startup Circle is a group of entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs who are keen about employing the Lean Startup principles within …

  • DestrActions Singapore

    DestrActions is a monthly open collaborative design session to challenge, inspire and mingle.

  • Orange Hive Singapore
    Orange Hive

    A community of friendly dreamers/doers! Cross-pollinating start-up energy and approachable, pragmatic design. Monthly workshops/discussions!

  • UXSG Meetup
    UXSG Meetup

    A bi-monthly event where people from different fields share about their personal design stories, journey, project case studies or best practices.

  • Front End Developers Singapore
    Front End Developers Singapore

    Free and open events for front end developers in Singapore. Come to learn, meet, and share.

  • Singapore Creative Coding
    Singapore Creative Coding

    This group is for like-minded people who share an interest in the creative side of coding.

  • Singapore HCI Announce
    Singapore HCI Announce

    This is a low-volume group for announcing events and activities related to Singapore-based HCI, human factors, ergonomics, and interactive digital media art, entertainment, & design.

  • Singapore Engagement Design Meetup
    Singapore Engagement Design Meetup

    A group of passionate designers who want to turn products, services and companies into engaging and meaningful experiences.

  • Service Design Singapore
    Service Design Singapore

    Service design is about the holistic design of services that people want to use. Done correctly, it drives brand loyalty for an organisation over time. In Singapore, our service sector provides…

  • Content Strategy Singapore
    Content Strategy Singapore

    Content is everywhere, so how should we plan, create and govern it? We’re a group of content strategists, web writers and UX professionals interested in delivering…


  • Innovation By Design Conference 2017
    Innovation By Design Conference 2017

    Mar 7 - Mar 8, 2017. A feature conference of Singapore Design Week 2017.

  • Nielsen Norman Group
    Nielsen Norman Group Singapore UX Conference

    Jan 16 – 20, 2017. Full-day, immersive learning with the same experts who conduct NN/g research, and invited speakers from around the world.

  • CSSConf.Asia 2016
    CSSConf.Asia 2016

    24th Nov 2016. Bridging web design and implementation.

  • JSConf.Asia 2016
    JSConf.Asia 2016

    25 + 26 Nov 2016. The conference about JavaScript, the web and mobile for Asia.

  • UXSG 2016
    UXSG 2016

    UXSG Conference 2016. TRANSFORMATION (Society . Communities . Products & Services . The Self)

  • CSSConf.Asia 2015
    CSSConf.Asia 2015

    CSSConf is where design meets developers to inspire, educate and entertain around building the world’s most engaging user interfaces.

  • JSConf.Asia 2015
    JSConf.Asia 2015

    JSConf.Asia brings Southeast Asia’s open web developer community together to exchange, to learn and entertain.

  • UXSG 2014
    UXSG 2014

    UXSG is a community initiative to create a platform that connects UX professionals across disciplines and cultures. It is a platform made for and by UX …

  • Lean UX Week 2013
    Lean UX Week 2013

    Lean UX Week is a 3-day bootcamp catering to students, leaders, and anyone building a product. That’s three days of intensive work focused on …


  • Open Device Lab
    Open Device Lab Singapore

    A free resource for the local community to test their work on an ever-growing range of mobile devices.

  • library@orchard
    [email protected]

    [email protected] is centred on lifestyle, design and the applied arts.

  • UX Books List
    UX Books List

    A list of popular UX books and whether you can find them in the public library.

  • DesignSingapore

    DesignSingapore Council is the national agency for design: enabling Singapore to use design for economic growth and to make lives better. It is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information.

  • ProductCampSG
    ProductCamp Singapore

    ProductCamp Singapore is an (un)conference for people interested in Product Management, UX/UI, Marketing & Sales, Software Development and Business topics in Singapore.

Formal Education

  • Diploma in Design for User Experience
    Diploma in Design for User Experience

    The Diploma in Design for User Experience (DDUX) uncovers how great designs can enhance the user experience in profound and delightful ways.

  • Diploma in Experience and Product Design
    Diploma in Experience and Product Design

    The future is in products and services that project an “experience” beyond what they are – one that goes beyond form and function but also delivers …

  • Diploma in Interaction Design
    Diploma in Interaction Design

    Interaction Design (or Information Design) can be described as “the art and craft of making things easier to use” designing the user experience of …

  • Diploma in Interaction Design
    Diploma in Interaction Design

    The School of Interactive & Digital Media is centered on a dynamic mix of creativity, the applied arts and digital media technologies. It is committed to developing …

  • MSc in Information Studies
    MSc in Information Studies

    The Master of Science in Information Studies programme is a multidisciplinary programme combining theory and practice to address the growing need of organisations …

Courses / Workshops

  • Hyper Island User Experience Lab
    Hyper Island User Experience Lab

    User Experience is a word widely used, this lab is designed for you to really understand how to create good user journeys, how to evaluate …

  • NUS ISS NICF - Digital User Experience Design
    NICF - Digital User Experience Design

    This course is a three-day short course focusing on the principles and techniques in designing for good user experience in software applications.

  • DesignSingapore Workshops
    DesignSingapore Master Class for Designers Series

    The Master Class for Designers Series is an initiative of the Design Thinking and Innovation Academy (DTIA). The purpose of this series is to address …

  • General Assembly User Experience Design
    General Assembly User Experience Design

    Learn Technology, Design, And Business Skills From Industry Professionals In Our Global Community.

  • Human Factors International
    Human Factors International

    (HFI) offers a suite of training courses for everything you need to know about UX design—from knowing your users to creating compelling online interactions to …

  • Alpha Camp Product UI/UX Design
    Alpha Camp Product UI/UX Design

    12-week part-time accelerated programmes can help you launch a new career in technology.

  • Introduction to Experience Design
    Introduction to Experience Design

    SITLEARN’s Introduction to Experience Design (iXD) is a practice-oriented programme that surveys human-centered research and design methods.

  • Digital Experience Prototyping
    Digital Experience Prototyping

    SITLEARN’s Digital Experience Prototyping (DX-Prototyping) is an immersive, experiential learning programme that exposes you to industry tools and best practices in innovation and digital experience design.


  • Keio-NUS CUTE Center
    Keio-NUS CUTE Center

    Keio-NUS CUTE Center is set up to collaborate on fundamental research in the general area of Interactive Digital Media targeted at addressing the future of interactive, social and communication media.


  • UX Jobs Singapore
    UX Jobs Singapore

    Post your UX job here for free if you are looking to hire User Experience (UX) professionals in Singapore, whether you are a company …

  • AngelList UI/UX Design Startup Jobs
    AngelList UI/UX Design Startup Jobs

    AngelList is a platform for startups—started by the dudes who do Venture Hacks.